Digital Detox at Work

Digital detox these days is as important as detoxing your body with antioxidants. Encouraging and educating the employees today impacts their work productivity and also their physical and mental health. Today when we are living a life of physical distance and remote-working climate, we are finding it to switch off or switch away from the screens. We should try to avoid digital overload and maximize minimal damage to our health and wellness

Some of the serious problems could arise as quoting them below -

· Depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as emerging mental health disorders

· Stressed or fractured relationships with friends and family

· Eating and sleeping disorders

· Erratic and disorganized behavior

· Inability to focus or complete tasks

Though there could be many ways to do a digital detox, one of the best ways would be to “Adopt a day Policy” where few hours would be completely left to no use of any gadgets. This could be called “Tech-Free Window Hours”. The company can choose to do this and simply want to exercise this

How it May Benefit Your Employees

Letting your employees leave their work at work is particularly relevant to why the Digital Detox can have such a positive impact on your team’s productivity. It may initially look counter-productive to suggest that using less of the productivity-boosting tech we rely on every day will actually increase the output, but ample evidence suggests regular breaks from technology can improve our mental state